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Whetstone Wine Cellars


a few words from Michelle Whetstone


I am so grateful for and proud of what we have going on a daily basis at Whetstone. You've likely had the opportunity to meet at least one of the wonderful women who work with us and take care of you whether in the tasting salon, from your inbox, or on the phone. 

It’s been said ‘it takes a village,’ but I disagree. It takes a few thoughtful, creative, and smart people who are passionate about their work and life and proud to be a part of something great. Our staff not only honors what Jamey and I have created, they make it better. Each brings her own talents and strengths to make Whetstone who we are. And then there's Ace, our 110 pound lab, who (as many of you would agree) brings his extra special charm!

Alli is all things creative and design. She has been with us since 2015 and what a pleasure it is to have a marketing talent to work with every day. If you enjoy any of our invitations, newsletters, or product info graphics, Alli is the one to thank. She also runs our event program and makes every guest feel right at home. Her warm smile and laugh are contagious.


Jenna is the latest and greatest addition to the Whetstone team. She is a Napa Native, and brings with her great wine knowledge and 10+ years of hospitality experience. She spends her time away from Whetstone playing the Piano, gardening, and running around with her pups: Nita & Lilo.


Ace is always working the crowd at Whetstone! Upon arrival he will greet you at your car with a bark and a tail wag. You will then be escorted up the walkway to the chateau for check in,  and will then finally be shown to your table. When Ace is not on the job, he is hanging with is big brother, Watson Whetstone (16 years old).