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Whetstone Wine Cellars



a few words from Michelle Whetstone


I am so grateful for and proud of what we have going on a daily basis at Whetstone. You've likely had the opportunity to meet at least one of the wonderful women who work with us and take care of you whether in the tasting salon, from your inbox, or on the phone. 

It’s been said ‘it takes a village,’ but I disagree. It takes a few thoughtful, creative, and smart people who are passionate about their work and life and proud to be a part of something great. Our staff not only honors what Jamey and I have created, they make it better. Each brings her own talents and strengths to make Whetstone who we are. 


The Basics -

Name: Jenna Cacho - Dog mom to Nita (Frenchie, 3) & Lilo (Dachshund, 14)
Married to: Danny Cacho (big golf guy, has beat Jamey at darts)
With Whetstone: Since 2019

The Favorites -

Whetstone Wine: Currently crushing the 2021 Viognier..
Napa Valley Restaurant:  Casual - Kitchen Door / Date night - Scala or Angele
Bucket List Concert: Would have loved to be in attendance at LiveAid...

Everything Else -

My friends would describe me as: Loyal, organized, & sassy
What is something that most people do not know about you?: I have more than 30 houseplants... My husband couldn't be more thrilled. 
Proudest/funniest moment at Whetstone: Keeping the fire stoked from 11AM to 5PM, and of course, Beating Jamey at Darts (different time than Dan!) 




The Basics -

Name: Alli van Zyl - mama to Margo (3) and Maddie (0)

Married to: Bertus van Zyl (South African winemaker, who can usually be found in short shorts)

With Whetstone: OG since 2015

The Favorites -

Whetstone Wine: Still loving on the 2017 Syrah
Napa Valley Restaurant:  La Taberna or Oenotri

 Favorite Concert: First concert was The Rolling Stones in 5th grade, so that was pretty epic


 Everything Else -

 My friends would describe me as: Witty, honest, & adventerous
What is something that most people do not know about you?: I won the third grade talent show with a dance medley featuring songs from Space Jam

Proudest/funniest moment at Whetstone: The many epic late
night dance parties and a salt n' peppa shoop moment. 




The Basics -

Name: Danyel Solon - mom to Jakob (22) , Dylan (18), and fur baby Baxter (11)

Married to: Dave - 25 years in July! Avid record collector, drummer in 3 bands, and responsible for keeping the grounds at Whetstone beautified!

With Whetstone: So grateful Michelle asked me to join the team in January 2022

The Favorites -

Whetstone Wine: Tie between the Rose and Viognier
Napa Valley Restaurant:  Hop Creek is our go-to, however always on the hunt for a good happy hour!
Favorite Concert: Tom Petty and Grateful Dead - also most seen bands (at least 15 times each)

Everything Else -

My friends would describe me as: Dependable, funny, unfiltered, Super Woman
What is something that most people do not know about you?: For reasons that shall remain undisclosed, my nickname is "The Hurricane"

Proudest/funniest moment at Whetstone: One of the funniest (and most fun) moments so far was the Harvest Party.  Jenna and I made a valiant attempt to switch out the 5-gallon water jug on the water station. We didn't think our plan through very well and the table fell over, water jugs broke and I ended up soaking wet! Luckily it was warm summer night in Napa!







2014 - 2023


The greatest dog that there ever was.