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Whetstone Wine Cellars


W H E T S T O N E   W I N E   C L U B

A moment transpires when you introduce a magnificent bottle of wine to a good friend. There’s an immediate expression of admiration as a silent agreement of “damn that’s good” is made. At Whetstone, we long for those moments, for the more we have, the richer our lives. The Whetstone Wine Club embraces those moments and the wine lover in all of us.


Wine Club Shipments twice a year with custom tasting notes from Jamey Whetstone;
First access to our newest releases, as well as library and member-only wines;
4 complimentary experiences per year with up to four guests (reservations required);
Invitations and special pricing to Whetstone Events including Harvest Party and other festivities;
10% discount on all wines in our portfolio and merchandise;
We also LOVE the opportunity to recommend our favorite local restaurants, wineries, lodging, and events to all of our members. Please feel free to call or email us when you're planning your next visit to Napa! 


We relish the opportunity to welcome you to our club!

600. - 900. per release (twice yearly)
9 bottles per shipment 
Selection of new releases
1200. - 1800. per release (twice yearly)
18 bottles per shipment 
Selection of new releases

280. per release (4 x per year)

4 bottles per shipment 
‘Caties Corner’ Viognier, ‘Pleasant Hill’ Pinot Noir, ‘Walala’ Pinot Noir, Napa Valley Cabernet (Janurary / October)
‘Silvaspoons’ Rosé, ‘Caties Corner’ Viognier, ‘Pleasant Hill’ Pinot Noir, ‘Walala’ Pinot Noir (April / July)
Price varies (full year of membership required)
12 bottles per shipment (twice yearly)
Preselected and customized to your tastes
Pricing varies
One magnum each of our current release wines, Spring & Fall


Destination state sales tax will be added as required by law;
Shipping for non-reciprocal states will be charged directly from our fulfullment house, Eaglerock Fulfillment Company;
You will automatically be sent the current release upon enrollment;  
All complimentary tastings are available by appointment;
Email notifications are sent approximately one week before billing, detailing the wines, dates, & costs;
Please be sure to update your billing and shipping information prior to shipping;
Customers will be responsible for the re-shipping costs of returned orders;
Cancellations must be made prior to billing.
Pricing is valid through 2023.
Please note on your visits we are a 21+ property (including babes in arms) and only service animals are permitted.