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Michelle Whetstone
January 5, 2021 | Michelle Whetstone

Reflecting on 2020...

A message from Michelle -

About a week or so after our first shut down in March, I was asked by a friend - "Can you look at this as a blessing?"

At my age, I have learned to not speak the first thing that comes to mind. I thought about the question and my headspace at that time… confused, scared, frustrated, worried- and after a minute, I simply said. ‘Not yet’.

I hadn’t thought about this conversation until I sat down to write this newsletter and to reflect on the year. How do I feel now? Blessed.

For me, like most of you, it is difficult to see so much suffering and struggle and to give myself permission to find and focus on the good. To speak to it sometimes feels tone deaf but we have to be hopeful and appreciate all the positives 2020 has brought us - perseverance, growth and gratitude.

There were definitely some highs and lows, but here are my top 5 blessings from 2020-

5. Making friends out of acquaintances. For those of you who could, you showed up and shared your friends, family, and homemade treats with us. It has been a pleasure getting to know so many of you better this year. Your friendship, conversation, and encouraging support have been such a bright light for me. For those of you farther away, your cards, emails, calls, and virtual visits kept me connected and grounded.

4. A deeper connection and level of support with my community and our friends in the hospitality industry, especially our restaurant partners. It has been inspiring to see their resilience and grace, their love and passion for what they do under these challenging circumstances. Some of the most memorable meals of my lifetime were had this year.

3. A chance to slow down. More home cooked meals. More walks with Ace.

2. A deeper appreciation for the place I call home, our beautiful property and all the gifts, experiences and relationships our business has provided me.

1. Amazing conversations with my kids. There was a lot to talk about and process this past year. I am grateful for the time with them. Watching them develop their own ideas, opinions and beliefs while navigating their way through 2020, using their own compass.

I always love hearing from you all and am always inspired when I do, so if you would like to share any of your blessings, please drop a note . And thank you, Allison for proposing the question.

My best guess is that we will probably need to remain closed through January or at least most of it. And if you are like me, you may have depleted a bit of your wine stash this holiday season. We have extended our holiday bundles and specials through January if you need some replenishing. We are available any day for curbside pick up too! Just shoot us an email if you want to come by or just want to say hi! Wishing you and yours a very welcomed New Year and sending you all love, hope and peace.

- Michelle Whetstone

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