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Jamey Whetstone
December 2, 2016 | Jamey Whetstone

On the 12th day of Christmas...

H a v e   y o u   e v e r   h a d   a   s l i c e   o f   p o u n d   c a k e ?

As a kid it was a mainstay around the holidays and, really, anytime we were celebrating. Just the thought of it makes my mouth I love that dense and spongey sweetness!

Speaking of density, the Goldridge Loam soil series replete throughout the Russian River Valley always reminds me of pound cake!  Not only in its makeup and consistency, but also in how it allows a vine to enjoy a luxurious and less stressful existence below ground. It's what happens above ground, however, that gives the many nooks and crannies of the appellation an opportunity to imprint a special sense of place, like what you experience in our beautifully expressive Pleasant Hill Pinot Noir.
The Pleasant Hill vineyard, planted and maintained by Charlie Chenoweth (a dear friend, mentor, and one of the premier farmers of high-end Pinot Noir in California) has been a single-vineyard designate for Whetstone since 2003 and serves as the foundation of our newly-expanded Pinot program. The 2013 vintage marks a decade of working with this flagship vineyard and what a better way to celebrate it's history than to share it with you?! 

" o n   t h e   T W E L F T H   d a y   o f   C h r i s t m a s ,

W h e t s t o n e   g a v e   t o   m e ,  

t h e   g i f t   t h a t   k e e p s   o n   g i v i n g :

P I N O T   f o r   f r i e n d s   a n d   f a m i l y ! ! !  "


With so much to celebrate this time of year, you don't want to find yourself empty handed!

Cheers to  p o u n d   c a k e  &   p i n o t !


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